Prehistoric Megalithic Temples on Malta

Originally the Temples of Malta were assigned to the Neolithic period by one of the earliest Maltese archaeologists, Thimistocles Zammit. Following the excvations of David Trump at Skorba however they were redated to the Copper or Chalcolithic Age.


The temple complex at Mnajdra



It is of no doubt that the sophistication and complexity and sheer wonder that these temples evoke is down to one over riding factor - stone. The stone allowed the temple builders to excel and build wonderous buildings and being built of stone we of the opportunity to still marvel at them (although conservatio is an issue). If they had been built of wood then the temples of Malta would have disappeared long ago.




Internal arrangements at Hagar Qim Temple.




As well as the Temples outside Malta has preserved one of the great sites in the world, the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. Part Temple, part cave it was a prehistoric burial place that was only found when building work took place for a cellar. The underground complex can be visited but the environment is climate controlled and only a limited amount of people can visit.



The Temple at Tarxien